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In May of 2008, I completed 15 months of treatment at Dana Farber to rid my body of breast cancer cells; I am hopeful that it did its job and will keep this disease at bay for a very long time—hopefully forever. ☺

Going through treatment for a life-threatening disease changes many things—in fact, everything—I can’t think of one thing, inside or out, that didn’t change as a result of cancer or chemotherapy. It is such a learning experience that many positive changes result as well—for example, cancer gave me more confidence and a new "voice." So far, I've used "my voice," which wasn't always easy for me (I used to have a real fear of public speaking), to get the word out there to many hundreds of people, including large and small-scale talks to groups of women and mixed groups; I've been interviewed for a film on women's body image; did an article for a local newspaper; coached and provided info and resources to many others going through treatment or with family members facing the challenge; and I'm participating in a 10-year study through Dana Farber on the effects of breast cancer in women under 40, an area of research that has very little data currently.

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